Lantro Music

Variations (piano solo)

Piano Study 1 (piano solo)

Piano Study 2 (piano solo)

Piano Study 3 (piano solo)

Walking, Walking (piano solo)

Study War No More (string orchestra)

Transcription (string quartet and  percussion)

Song of the Beggars (string quartet)

Dirge (violin and piano)

Ocean/Shore 2 (clarinet, violin, viola,  and cello)

Chohanga 2 (for any solo melody instrument  and one percussionist)

Ten Thousand Ugly Ink Blots (for string quartet)

Heavy Sleep (Soprano, altoFlute in G, Viola and Guitar

The Music (two pianos)

Morning Study (for piccolo/flute, clarinet in B flat, violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp, and percussion)

Near and Dear (piano solo)