Ocean/Shore 2

- Ocean/Shore 2 (clarinet, violin, viola, and cello) (2003) -

Ocean/Shore 2  follows Ocean/Shore written in 2002 for chamber orchestra and piri (Korean bamboo oboe) solo. The Ocean/Shore series is a study on the use of diverse materials and on the coexistence, within a piece of music, of various instruments. As in the meeting and interaction of water and land, these instruments can have fundamentally very different characters (piri and violin, or clarinet and cello), yet shouldn’t lose their basic nature in the interests of harmony, or even beauty.

Ocean/Shore  was made of diverse elements: sounds of the piri and the western chamber orchestra, songs of the Indians of Northern California and impressions of the coast of California itself - water, rain, fog, mist, light, trees, grasses, hills and rocks.

Ocean/Shore 2 was commissioned by the Zellerbach Foundation for Earplay to celebrate the 100th year of Korean American immigration. It was premiered at the 2003 San Francisco International Arts Festival.


Score Ocean Score 2