Koto, Piano II

Koto, Piano II (2016) by Hyo-shin Na

A few words about “Koto, Piano II” and its relationship to painting: I’ve admired greatly Agnes Martin’s use of relatively ordinary materials in her paintings - simple lines, bands of color. “Koto, Piano II” uses similarly “ordinary” materials - single note melodies lacking harmonies, fragments of various scales.

September, 2016 - I saw Augusto Giacometti’s painting “Peace” at the Albertina museum in Vienna. Upon returning home, I began to write a new duo for koto and piano in which the two musicians at first listen closely to each other’s playing to co-ordinate their parts. Towards the end of the piece, however, their parts diverge, and they continue separately, but peacefully, each at his or her own speed.

This piece was composed with generous support from the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, and the W & F Hewlett Foundation.