Fixed Stars

Fixed Stars 
for String Quartet

By Hyo-shin Na


The four sections of FIXED STARS are continuous, but have little in common, save the pitches of the open strings of the western string quartet (c, g, d, a, e). Like the fixed stars of astronomy, these pitches appear to be stationary, yet move slowly and create, in each section, a unique sort of harmonic color. By restricting on each instrument the presentation of a limited number of pitches to a single string for an extended period of time, I was able to allow distinct timbres to emerge and the gradual movement of the music from the lowest to the highest strings to take place.

Although the overall spirit of the music is relatively quiet and contemplative, there are internal fluctuations of color and sound-layers and each player's part has a quality of subtle virtuosity.

FIXED STARS was written with the support of the  Zellerbach Family Foundation and W & F Hewlett Foundation for the Del Sol String Quartet.