“Then came the great revelation of the festival: two coruscating works by Hyo-shin Na. …an  elegant yet unnerving meditation for piano”...The Wire

After studying piano and composition in her native Korea, Hyo-shin Na came to the U.S. in 1983 to do graduate work at the Manhattan School of Music and the University of Colorado,  where she received her doctorate.  After moving to San Francisco in 1988, she met Cage, Rzewski, Wolff and Takahashi, and encountered the music of Nancarrow. At the same time, she made return trips to Korea to  hear and study traditional Korean music while also taking a broad  interest in the music of other regions of Asia.

Hyo-shin Na has written for western instruments, for traditional Korean  instruments and has written music that combines western and Asian  (Korean and Japanese) instruments and ways of playing. Her music for traditional Korean instruments is recognized by both composers and performers in Korea (particularly by the younger generation) as being  uniquely innovative. Her writing for combinations of western and eastern instruments is unusual in its refusal to compromise the integrity of differing sounds and ideas; she prefers to let them interact, coexist  and conflict in the music.

In Korea, she has twice been awarded the Korean National Composers
Prize, and in the west she has been commissioned by the Fromm and
Koussevitzky Foundations among many others. Her music has been played
worldwide by ensembles as varied as the Barton Workshop, the San
Francisco Contemporary Music Players, the Kronos Quartet, and the
Korean Traditional Orchestra of the National Theatre. Portrait
concerts, consisting solely of her music, have been presented in
Amsterdam by the Barton Workshop (2006), in Seoul by JeonGaAkHoe (2009) and Buam  Arts (2009), at Texas A&M University (2007) and in San
Francisco and Santa Cruz, California by New Music Works in 2012. She is
now working on pieces commissioned by the Daegu New Music Festival for a June, 2014 premiere and for the San Jose Chamber Orchestra for the
2015-16 concert season.

She is the author of the bilingual book Conversations with Kayageum Master Byung-ki Hwang (Pulbit Press, 2001). Her music has been recorded on the Fontec (Japan), Top Arts (Korea),Seoul (Korea) and New World Records (US) labels and has  been published in Korea and Australia. Since 2006 her music has been  published exclusively by Lantro Music (Belgium).