- Chohanga 2


-Chohanga 2- (any melodic instrument and percussion) (2006) -
Chohanga is a traditional song from Korea. The text is;

Remember the old story of XiangYu and Liu Bang: XiangYu, overbearing and ignorant, wished the destruction of Liu Bang, who loved peace above all things, and so invited him to an elaborate dinner, planning for the murder to take place there. However, Liu Bang, intelligent, perceptive, recognizing the signs from Heaven, escaped the trap set for him!

Haven't the old stories taught us so well that virtue and generosity, not hatred, cunning and weaponry will find reward? Why strut around like a hero, believing in the great work of the nation, leading legions of armies carrying horrific weapons, cruelly, thoughtlessly killing the innocent and evil alike?

Look while you can at the full moon over the wild mountains - like the spirit of an old virtuous king...

Dear Soldier, on the battlefield with your weapon, unable to sleep in the stillness of midnight, what are you thinking? Your young face will grow old only if you remain alive to witness the passing of the years. Why in the world do you want to die there?

This piece was premiered by JosZwaanenburg and TobiasLiebezeit in May, 2006 in Amsterdam.


Chohanga 2