Hyo-shin Na

for chamber orchestra and piri solo

Ocean/Shore is made of diverse elements: sounds of the piri – a bamboo oboe from Korea – and the western chamber orchestra, songs of the Indians of Northern California, impressions of the coast of California itself – water, rain, fog, mist, light, trees and grasses, hills, rocks.

I adopted three of the songs written down by Jaime de Angulo in his book The Music of the Indians of Northern California (“Song of Lost in the Fog”, “Chant of Night Falling”, “Mongolian Song”), expanding upon them somewhat, but retaining de Angulo’s graphic notation, leaving room for the piri player and certain of the orchestra members to make his/her own version of each song.

The way in which the piri soloist and the chamber orchestra engage in musical dialogue was adopted from the tradition of group singing of Korean folk songs, where the leader of the group repeatedly sings a melodic fragment, varying it with each repetition, while the group responds with a phrase that never changes.

It was commissioned by and written for the Pacific Chamber Symphony.

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