Hyo-shin Na


For taegeum, piri/saenghwang, and peopgeum

An amalgam of the names of the musicians for whom the piece was written (Cheong-seung Kim, Jiyoung Yi, and Hyang-hee Lee of the Contemporary  Music Ensemble Korea) provides the title for Chung-Ji-Hyang.

Listening to each other and inspired by each others’ playing, as in the traditional music of Korea, the musicians play either in a closely co-ordinated manner (quasi-unison) or independently, without concern for co-ordinating with the others. The composer has left certain details of the music to the players, suggesting that they search for new ways to realize these details without stepping outside the boundaries provided by the techniques of traditional music.

Chung-Ji-Hyang was commissioned by the Contemporary Music Ensemble Korea and premiered by the CMEK at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum in February, 2001.
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