Brancusi's Studio

Hyo-shin Na

                       Brancusiís Studio

Brancusiís Studio (flute/alto flute, oboe, clarinet, viola, cello, and two percussionists)has as its model the Paris studio of the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi. As a translation into music of the arrangement within Brancusiís studio of objects and visual fields, the piece has sounds that might suggest individual sculptures (3 of the basic shapes Brancusi based his work on: oval, sphere, column) and their shadows, platforms supporting the sculptures and monochromatic canvases painted by Brancusi serving as backdrops for sculptures, wall-mounted tools and other objects in the studio (walking stick, photographs, guitar), and the air and space itself within the studio. One might listen to the piece as if walking through the 4-room studio encountering unexpectedly the objects and their, at times, unintended juxtapositions.

Brancusiís Studio was commissioned by and written for Music Now.

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